"I had CRONIC MIGRANE and was tried of taking other medicines which gave me no relief. Then I took homoeo treatment from Dr Vrushali and I am very happy to get cured of it. Thanks Dr Vrushali."
Sujata Shetty (Mumbai, MH)

"I had post delivery eczema on my palms and soles. It was so bad that made me cry everyday. But thankful to Dr Vrushali. I got relief of this within couple of months. These medicines are amazing!"
Minal Parashar (Mumbai, MH)

"I had sever pain in my abdomen & got detected with multiple gall bladder stones. Doctors advised me surgery but then I went for Homoeopathic treatment to Dr Vrushali Patil and to my surprise I got cured with this treatment completely."
MR Sushil Jain (Aurangabad, MH)

"I had a very bad Varicose vein. I had been suffering for a long time. I had been taking medicine for a long time but without any results. I took Homoeopathic Medicine from Dr Vrushali and within two months - I started feeling better and could walk again. Now I am completely cured thanks to Homoeomagic."
Mrs Kshatriya (Nashik, MH)

"I have a four years daughter who was suffering from Constipation since she was 1.5 years old and also had frequent cough and cold. Everytime she had cold- we had to give antibiotics- we were really worried as taking antibiotics regularly would have negative impact. Because of Constipation- she could not eat properly and hence it impacted her weight and health. We gave her Homoeopathic Treatment from Dr Vrushali for a period of 5 months and now we are so relieved that my daughter is eating properly. She doesn't complain of Constipation anymore. We also don't need to give her antibiotics for Cough and cold. Thanks Dr Vrushali and thanks Homoeomagic."
Mrs Singh (Mumbai, MH)

"My son who is 12 months old had teething problem. Because of teething problem, he became cranky and used to have loose motions. We consulted Dr Vrushali and we started her treatment. Now his teeth are coming up normally without troubling him. He is now a more happy child and loves to take sweet Homoeopathic Pills."
Mr Rajput (Mumbai, MH)

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